How does bidding work for an item with a reserve price?

2018-06-08T20:32:00+02:00June 12th, 2016|

When you bid on an auction item with a reserve price, if your maximum bid meets the reserve, it will automatically increase to meet that price. Example: An Auction item with a starting bid of R100.00 and a reserve of R1000.00. Bidder A bids R150.00 The current bid increases to R150.00 but the reserve

What is a reserve price?

2016-06-12T21:59:59+02:00June 12th, 2016|

A reserve price is a price a donator can set when they donate an auction item. It's the minimum price they're willing to accept for an item. If the bidding doesn't reach this price, they aren't obligated to sell the item. Sellers might use a reserve price because it allows them to set a

How to pay for items you have won or bought?

2016-06-12T21:56:07+02:00June 12th, 2016|

Have you won or bought an item? You will receive confirmation of this when the auction closes followed by the Charity or Causes Banking details. All payments are to be made within 48 hours of the auction closing.

What are the Bidding Terms?

2016-06-12T21:29:13+02:00June 12th, 2016|

Your bids affect how other users bid for an item and the item's final selling price. We carefully investigate all bid retractions to determine whether they are appropriate and conform to the rules for buyers. Abuse of bid retractions can result in the suspension of your account. Bidding is meant to be fun, but

What is Incremental bidding?

2016-06-12T21:19:47+02:00June 12th, 2016|

It is advisable that users bid their maximum amount that they're willing to pay for an item, and let the system incrementally increase their bid, as necessary. As the listing proceeds, the system will compare your bid to those of other bidders. When you have been outbid, the system will automatically bid on your

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